What is Metamorphosis? 


What is Metamorphosis?

Robert St. John's works teach that we inherit behaviour from our parents and ancestors. He was ahead of his time with his theory. Recent studies confirm that inherited behaviour governs how we approach situations in life. For example, inherited traits are feeling unwanted, lacking confidence, and having unwanted habits. Metamorphosis can help you overcome inherited patterns effortlessly.

All creatures have inherited traits. For example, how does a bird learn to build a nest? It inherits information from its ancestors through its mother at conception, and this is a good inherited trait as it is essential for its survival.

Releasing those memories allows you to free yourself from behavioural, emotional, mental, and physical traits. As a result, achieve your true potential and become your best self.

This teaching course aims to enhance people's knowledge of Robert St. John's work Metamorphosis, which he originally referred to as "Prenatal Therapy", as his work was related to the gestation period, also known as trimesters. He renamed "Prenatal Therapy" Metamorphosis when he became aware his work was not a therapy as it was self-healing. The practitioner is merely a catalyst. Metamorphoses practitioners work with a light touch on the reflex points of the feet, hands, head and spine, allowing a person to become their healer.

You do not require any previous qualifications to become a Metamorphosis practitioner. Metamorphosis practitioners can enhance the lives of friends and family and future clients. Still, above all else, it can give an insight into our behaviour patterns and help us to achieve our full potential.

During gestation, a baby knows what is happening outside the womb. Therefore, the baby will pick up the mothers feeling and other outside influences. Robert St. John taught that inherited traits are with us from conception. We do not inherit them during the time in the womb. However, if a person's inherited trait is to feel unwanted if they feel unwanted during the pregnancy, this will reinforce the inherited patterns; they will carry unwanted feelings into life and may lack self-worth.

If a person inherits a nervous disposition, if they are subject to an environment that is not peaceful during the time in the womb, they will feel nervous; this will enhance the trait they bring into life.

Who can benefit from Metamorphosis?

People from all walks of life can benefit from Metamorphosis, from newborns to the elderly. You can give yourself sessions of Metamorphosis, help family and friends or become a Metamorphosis practitioner.

Hypnobirthing practitioners and Midwives find giving future mums sessions of Metamorphosis during pregnancy to be very beneficial as they clear the expectant mother's blockages.

Reflexologists also use it to enhance their work.

Do you work with people who need support? Metamorphosis can benefit children and adults with physical, mental or behavioral challenges.

Why did Robert St. John call his work Metamorphosis? To understand the true essence of Metamorphosis, you must understand what Robert St. John meant by transformation.

St. John did not refer to the caterpillar analogy or the acorn to describe Metamorphosis. He explained that to use those analogies was to misinterpret his meaning of Metamorphosis, which is the bringing of something into being that has never existed before.

The caterpillar morphs into a butterfly, still carrying the traits it had as a caterpillar. So in that respect, nothing has changed except its appearance. Likewise, the acorn grows into a tree containing the same traits as the acorn.

After Metamorphosis, a person does not become another version of themselves. They are free of unwanted inherited behaviour patterns and cannot revert to being the person they were before.

Robert St. John noted that many clients become more confident and change careers and relationships. Sometimes the person did not even realise this was happening, but others saw the change in them as their transformation took place.

No particular environment is needed to give Metamorphosis sessions. However, providing a calm and relaxing space with quiet music playing in the background will add to the relaxed atmosphere. Although the client and the practitioner experience relaxation, some clients are so comfortable they fall asleep. Clients remain fully clothed except for removing their shoes.

What are the benefits of learning Metamorphosis with us?

Students learn to help themselves, family and friends or to become Practitioners.

The study fee includes lifetime registration and support from The International Metamorphosis Association.

Metamorphosis is easy to learn via Home Study delivered to your email, with tutor support. Home Study is available globally, or learn at various venues with one of our tutors.

You will learn the principles and theory of Robert St. John's Metamorphosis. In addition, you will learn everything you need to start practising.

You will arrange your sessions or study days and fees working in the hours that best suit you - great for working parents or people with other commitments. There are no annual Association fees and no hidden extras.

The fee for the Home Study is €95, including membership if you wish to join the association and ongoing support. Venue fees. Practitioners set their prices, so they may vary. Please see the Practitioners' page for a Practitioner or tutor in your location. If you would like further knowledge, please do not hesitate to contact us via the contact page on this website.