What is Metamorphosis? 

The aim of this teaching course is to enhance people’s knowledge of Robert Saint John’s work Metamorphosis, which he originally referred to as “Prenatal Therapy” as his work was related to the gestation period also known as trimesters.

He renamed “Prenatal Therapy” Metamorphosis because he became aware his work was not a therapy as it was self-healing. 

We adhere to his teaching and principles giving him the acknowledgement and the credit for his original work "Prenatal Therapy" and his advanced work "Metamorphosis" 

You do not require any previous qualifications to become a Metamorphosis practitioner. Metamorphosis practitioners can enhance the lives of friends and family, future clients, but above all else, it can give an insight into our behaviour patterns and help us to achieve our full potential. 

Metamorphosis is self-healing the practitioner is merely a catalyst. Metamorphoses practitioners work with a light touch on the reflex points of the feet, hands head and spine allowing a person to become their own healer. 

Why did Robert Saint John call his work Metamorphosis? 

To understand the true essence of Metamorphosis you have to understand what Robert Saint John meant by transformation. 

Many things undergo transformation the caterpillar changes into a butterfly it does not transform into a new being it brings all its past with it, when it becomes a butterfly nothing changes only it shape. This is not Metamorphosis Metamorphosis transforms the whole person by clearing the past blockages, allowing them to become someone they have never been before. 

Robert noted during session that many clients changed careers and relationships. Sometimes the person did not even realise this was happening but others saw the change in them as their transformation took place. 

No special environment is needed to give Metamorphosis sessions. However, if you can provide a calm and relaxing space with quiet music playing in the background this will add to the relaxed atmosphere. Clients remain fully clothed except for removing their shoes. The client and the practitioner experience relaxation some clients are so relaxed they fall asleep. 

Robert Saint John’s works teach that at conception we inherit traits which cause blockages that are the cause of problems throughout our lives. Robert was ahead of his time with his theory recent studies confirm that we inherit our parents traits. Conception is one of the most traumatic things that can happen to us. All our future stress patterns are contained in the first cell. From the moment of conception, we are fundamentally all we are and are ever going to be. 

A person carries their traits and stress patterns inherited at conception into their future life, which inhibits them from living their life to their full potential, free of unwanted habits and behaviour problems. 

If a person suffers from panic attacks, lacks confidence, is feeling unwanted, suffers from anxiety, has eating disorders, is dependent on drug or alcohol, experiences moods swings, and other unwanted inhibitions they are feeling inner distress, caused by the inherited patterns that they came into life with

We now know that during the gestation period a baby is aware of what is happening outside of the womb. Robert Saint John’s work taught that blockages cannot be created during pregnancy, they are with us from conception, the time spent in the womb and our birth is secondary to conception. However, if the baby's environment is unsympathetic or frightening anytime during the gestation period, the blockages that occurred at conception could be increased, traumas throughout the pregnancy will cause the energy blocks to become more established. 

For example, a person may have an inherited tendency toward nervousness; this will stay with them for life. If they are subject to an environment that is not peaceful during the time in the womb, they will feel nervous; this will enhance their inherited nervous disposition. 

If a person’s inherited trait is to feel unwanted, they will carry the feelings of being unwanted into life and may lack self-worth. The baby will pick up the mothers feeling and other outside influences, if they feel unwanted during the pregnancy this will reinforce the inherited patterns they came into life with. 

Obesity and alcoholism often run in family, the inherited patterns being passed down at conception. 

Who can benefit from Metamorphosis? 

People in all walks of life can benefit from Metamorphosis from the new-born to the elderly. 

You can give yourself sessions of Metamorphosis, help family and friends or become a Metamorphosis practitioner. 

Hypnobirthing practitioners and Midwives find giving future mums sessions of Metamorphosis during pregnancy to be very beneficial as they clear the expectant mother’s blockages.

Reflexologists also use it to enhance their work. 

Do you work with people who need support? 

Robert Saint John the founder of Metamorphosis found Metamorphosis helped children and adults with Down syndrome and the mentally/physically handicapped. 

What benefits does learning with us offer? 

The study fee includes lifetime registration and support from The International Metamorphosis Association. 

Metamorphosis is easy to learn via an Online Program globally and at various venues with one of our practitioners. 

You will learn the principles and theory of Robert Saint John’s Metamorphosis. You will learn everything you need to start practising. 

You will arrange your own sessions or study days and fees working in the hours that best suit you - great for working parents or people with other commitments.  

No annual fees need to be paid to the Association. 

Fees for the Online Program are £95 which includes membership if you wish to join the association and ongoing support. 

Venue fees. Practitioners set their own fees so they may vary please see the Practitioners’ page for a Practitioner in your location. If you feel you would like further knowledge, please do not hesitate to contact us via the contact page on this website.