About the International Metamorphosis Association

What is The International Metamorphosis Association?

We are Metamorphosis practitioners and tutors, our aim is to enhance people's knowledge of Robert Saint John's work Prenatal Therapy and Metamorphosis and to adhere to his teachings and principles. 

Robert Saint John gave his work freely. He did not approve of people paying to practice Metamorphosis. He said that once a person had the knowledge of Metamorphosis, they should be free to practice it on themselves and others as they interpret it; we adhere to this: we do not impose any rules on our students or members. Our members do not pay annual fees. 

Students attending a study day with one of our tutors or taking the Home Study Program are free to practice or teach Metamorphosis as they perceive it. Students receive a manual, which is included in the course fee. They are not required to purchase any additional reading material and there are no hidden extras. 

Students do not have to join the Association they are free to practice as they wish. Students who become a member as a practitioner have a free listing on this website. Members who want to hold workshops for us can use our manual and logo their students can join us. There are no hidden extras. We simply invite Metamorphosis practitioners and teachers globally to join us in giving insight into Robert Saint John's work. 

Our students receive A comprehensive manual with illustrations on how to give a session of Metamorphosis and ongoing support.  

Our members receive: 

1. Consultation forms for their clients 

2. A brochure detailing Metamorphosis and its benefits which they personalise to promote their practice 

3. The Association logo to use on their promotional material 

4. Ongoing support 

4. A free listing on the Practitioners page. 

Potential clients looking for a therapist in their area can view members' details on this website

Our Tutors receive

1. Various posters to enhance their study days.

2. The use of the manual provided.

3. Their students can apply to join us.

Together we can grow into a group of practitioners acknowledging that Robert Saint John was the founder of Prenatal Therapy and Metamorphosis 

If you need any further support please use the contact form, we are only an email away. 

Discounted insurance is available for UK members.  Overseas members receive insurance details for their location if applicable.


Some of our Metamorphosis Practitioners Testimonies Ana - Spain I feel the home study program is very good giving everybody the opportunity to learn the courses no matter the country one lives in. The communication with the tutor is excellent I really appreciate it Pearl - Somerset I found the home study program easy to follow, it was good to know I could ask for support but did not need to as everything was so straightforward to learn. So excited to be able to do study days in Metamorphosis Viv - Essex One of the best home courses I have taken, the downloaded manual was printable and was delivered quickly with clear instructions. Helena - Ireland I enjoyed the course it was easy to follow Ana - Cyprus It was a lovely Study Day, time passed so quickly Metamorphosis is a very spiritual work helping yourself and others to develop. Everybody should practice it. Family members should practice it on each other •Lesley - Canada The support team are very helpful and accommodating making access to this study available to students who don't have workshops in the area where they live. I am so pleased that this association exist Lisa - Northern Ireland I would like to say a massive thank you to Patricia whose support has been ongoing. She was highly responsive and always there. I loved this course and found the content fascinating. I will continue to show people this wonderful work. I am so glad I can add this to my work to help others, sincere thank you Patricia I actually couldn't have asked for more. Dayna - Canada Very interesting I am excited to try it with my clients. Monica - Canada Very interesting, Look forward to gaining experience with this avenue of self-healing with my clients. Joanne - Canada Everything was excellent. Explained in great detail and ran very smoothly Janis - Canada Excellent Jennifer - New Zealand Nice and clear to follow Roberta Canada Excellent. Raphaela - Cyprus Insightful, easy to follow. Jacqueline - Canada Excellent instructions, Very clear, organised and structured. Would certainly recommend it.

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