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About the International Metamorphosis Association

Welcome to the International Metamorphosis-rsj Association, an organization, dedicated to following the authentic teachings of Robert St John, the founder of Metamorphosis (previously known as Prenatal Therapy). Patricia Newman established the association under the guidance of the late Donna Armanasco, who owned the copyright to Robert St John's work.

Robert St John was a renowned Reflexologist who taught Metamorphosis through lectures. His philosophy was that once his students understood the essence of his work, they were free to practice and teach it. He wanted everyone to have the opportunity to give and receive sessions to improve and transform their lives.

Robert St John did not have a social media presence, and because he did not monitor his students or impose any rules, Donna felt that his authentic work was in danger of being lost. It was being misinterpreted by his students who did not fully understand his meaning of transformation they taught his work in a way that he said changed the meaning of his work and he did not want to be associated with it. 

Therefore, Donna consented to establish an association where members of the public could find practitioners who were teaching Robert St John’s work and build a social media presence.

So what exactly is a Metamorphosis-rsj session? It is a unique practice where practitioners use subtle pressure on reflexes on the feet, hands, and head to help themselves and others achieve their true potential. Working on the reflexes Robert St John named the Prenatal Pattern, helps to release blockages that prevent clients from moving forward.

Clients who have undergone Metamorphosis-rsj sessions report experiencing relaxation and feeling more confident and focused in every situation. In some cases changes are immediately noticeable; while in others occur over time. Sometimes the person is unaware of the change, but others see the transformation in their behaviour.

Changes can range from how a person feels and thinks about themselves as their true self emerges, they become more confident, their physical and emotional health improves as they release unwanted traits and let go of past behaviour limiting their potential.

You don't need any previous qualifications to become a practitioner or tutor, or to learn Metamorphosis-rsj to help yourself. Our teaching is simple, and you can learn from another practitioner or via our globally available Home Study program. We provide students with a comprehensive manual with illustrations and a DVD on how to give a Metamorphosis-rsj session. Additionally, we offer unlimited support during and after their training.

The International Metamorphosis-rsj Association adheres to Robert St John's principles that practitioners should not pay annual fees to practice Metamorphosis-rsj. Once you have gained the necessary knowledge and feel that you truly understand the essence of Metamorphosis-rsj, you are free to practice it on yourself and others. Students are not required to join the association and we do not impose any rules.

As a member of our association, you'll receive consultation forms for your clients, our association logo for your promotional material, a free listing on our Practitioner's page, and ongoing support. If you're a UK member, you can also receive discounted insurance, while overseas members receive insurance details for their location if applicable.

Our tutors only have to arrange a study day, Tutors issue their students the association manual. Our tutors receive charts and documents to enhance their study days. Their students are automatically offered free membership in the association.

If you would like to learn more before embarking on a journey towards helping yourself and others to reach their true potential, please view the course information. to view booking the  home study please click  booking the home study 

"Please see below  a selection  of testimonials from our Metamorphosis-rsj students."

 Ana - Spain I feel the home study program is very good, allowing everybody to learn the courses no matter the country one is in. The communication with the tutor is excellent. I appreciate it. Pearl - Somerset. I found the home study program easy to follow, it was good to know I could ask for support but did not need to, as everything was so straightforward. So excited to be able to do study days in Metamorphosis. Viv -Essex is one of the best home study courses I have taken; the downloaded manual was printable and was delivered quickly with clear instructions. Lisa - Northern Ireland, I would like to say a massive thank you to Patricia, whose support has been ongoing. She was highly responsive and always there. Sincerely thank you, Patricia I actually couldn't have asked for more. I loved this course and found the content fascinating. I will continue to show people this wonderful work. Helena - Ireland I enjoyed the course it was easy to follow. Ana - Cyprus It was a lovely Study Day, time passed so quickly Metamorphosis is a very spiritual work helping yourself and others to develop. Everybody should practice it. Family members should practice it on each other. Lesley - Canada The support team is accommodating, making access to this study available to students who don't have workshops in the area where they live. I am so pleased that this association exists. I am so glad I can add this to my work to help others. Dayna - Canada Very interesting I am excited to try it with my clients. Monica - Canada Very interesting. I Look forward to gaining experience with this avenue of self-healing with my clients. Joanne - Canada Everything was excellent. Explained in great detail and ran very smoothly. Janis - Canada Excellent. Jennifer - New Zealand Nice and clear to follow. Roberta Canada Excellent. Raphaela - Cyprus Insightful, easy to follow. Jacqueline - Canada Excellent instructions, very clear, organised, and structured. I would certainly recommend it.

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