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What Benefits does our teaching offer?

The study fee includes lifetime registration and support from The International Metamorphosis Association. 

Metamorphosis is easy to learn via our Home Study Program globally and at various venues with one of our Practitioners.

You will learn the principles and theory of Robert St. John's Metamorphosis. In addition, you will learn everything you need to start practising.

You will arrange your study days and fees by working the hours that best suit you - great for working parents or people with other commitments.

No annual fees to practice or teach Metamorphosis 

A published author's work is copyrighted until 70 years after death. Authors do not have to apply for this copyright is automatic. 

An author's work cannot be aligned with any other teaching without permission. When you have been trained by another Metamorphosis Practitioner, via a home study, or in some countries by attending a seminar, you become an RSJ Metamorphosis Practitioner.

What you will learn:

The Mother father Principles.
The Prenatal Pattern 
The method to use when working on the feet, hands and head was formulated by Robert St. John for the sole use of Metamorphosis Practitioners.
How Afference and Efference influence the way we behave in different situations.
How to use the hand symbols created by Robert St. John.
You can use the charts Robert St. John created for his work.



Please view the conditions of use 

Our members receive:

1. Consultation forms for their clients

2. The Association logo to use on their promotional material

3. Members are entitled to a free listing on the Practitioners page. Potential clients in their area can view members' details.

Our Tutors can issue the official manual on their study days.

1. They receive various posters to enhance their study days.

2. Their students can apply to join us.

3. Their listing on the Practitioners page changes to Practitioner/Tutor.

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Fees for the Home Study Program are €95, including membership if you wish to join the association and ongoing support.

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Venue fees. Practitioners/tutors set their prices, so they may vary. Please see the Practitioners' page for a Practitioner in your location.

If you would like further knowledge, please do not hesitate to contact us via the contact page on this website.